The Art of Vegan, by Vegan witches


Rare Ramen

Pot of Heaven. Ramen nudle, sojové maso, tofu, pak choi, žampion, mungo klíčky, cibulka lahůdková, koriandr, chilli, citron, zeleninový vývar.

Bun Hue

*** lehce pikantní / mild A hidden Vietnamese gem. The best spicy noodle soup out there, for real. Rýžové nudle,

Miso Soup

“There is  always something in miso soup”. – Ryu Murakami

Bun Zieu

The dish that can certainly hold its own. It’s light and fragrant with the most satisfying tangy flavor.


King of the noodles. The Vietnamese soup we all know and love.

Pho Nem

an unusual combination, but who tried it loves it.


Dau Hu Sot Ca Chua

Because Classic never gets old. This dish is also known as Vietnamese fried tofu with tomato sauce – the childhood

Sweet & Sour Tofu

Safe and Sound! The tofu is crispy and chewy and coated in a sticky homemade sweet and sour sauce.

Golden Udon

Golden, thanks to not-so-secret ingredient: turmeric.

Baf! Bůček

The first and only vegan unique roast pork; in Prague. You will be blown away and surprised by how a

Rock & Roll Rice Ball

Powerful as a rock song, but also cute as puppies. Our rice balls will rock your belly!

Thai Curry

Might I  “curry ” you to the dance, to our magical vegan land?

Banh Mi & burger

The Real Bao

And happiness lies in these buns…

Banh Mi

The world knows my name! I’m The-king-of-Sandwiches. I’m The-boss-of-street-foods which is always on the list of must-to-eat foods. I’m The-iconic-food-all-over-the-globe,

Cheese Burger

Well, vegans don’t eat grass. They eat burgers.

light dishes

Bun Tofu Nam Bo

I’m the lovely twin of Bun Bo Nam Bo. Similar but not identical.

Bun Bo Nam Bo

The iconic noodle dish that was once recommended among the top 10 must-try food in Vietnam by CNN. Light. Fresh.

Summer rolls

ITaste the summer in the rolls. Add a little sunshine to your day.


Wraps wrap you in love.

sushi squad

side dishes & Starters


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